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Frequently Asked Questions

How can my startup be on Founded in Brazil?
Fill out . If the startup hasn't been submitted before, it will be queued up for review. Note that not every company will directly surface on the homepage as lots of startups are submitted each day.

How long does it take before my startup gets posted?
It can take up to a few weeks.

Why didn't my submission get accepted?
Your startup probably doesn't match with one or more of the criteria:

  1. They were founded in Brazil in the 21st century
  2. They have the ambition to transform their industry
  3. The founders can teach how to play the best football in the world (Deutschland? No, Brazil!)

My startup matches the criteria, but it's still not posted. Why?
Are you sure you didn't submit a hobby project, some fatuous idea or just an obscure blog (we get a lot of those)? Yeah, we thought so. No worries, we still like you. Unless you actually did club a baby seal of course. But all kidding aside, if after 6 weeks we still haven't posted your startup and it did match the criteria we might feel the quality of your idea or the design of your landing page isn't a good fit.

My startups is listed, now what?
That’s great! This means you’re among the most innovative startups founded in Brazil. Now you can spread the word on your social channels and may enjoy some special treatment at fancy restaurants, beaches and football arenas around the world. Don’t push it though!

My company wasn't founded in Brazil. What can I do?
We've got you covered. We're working together with international partners to have a local list in your country. Head over to Founded X to check if your country is already available. And otherwise we'll get you up and running with your own list using our awesome starting kit.

Can my startup be higher on the list?
Sure, just name your startup 42 and you'll be right on the top of the list. Or, check out the possibilities for a featured spot. Note: your startup has to be added to the list before you’re eligible for a featured spot. If it's not on there yet, your Brazilian startup first.

Is there the possibility to advertise?
We currently only provide featured spots to approved startups but feel free make us an offer we can’t refuse.

This is awesome! How can I contribute?
You’re too kind! We’re always looking for people with great ideas who and eager to make them happen. So if you to want add, build or improve something just drop us a note at brazil@foundedx.com

I have another question. Who should I contact?
If it's a quick question try Twitter @foundedinbrazil. For other questions you can try emailing us, but we can't answer everything.

Who is behind Founded in Brazil?
The Founded in Brazil was created by Marco Andrei Kichalowsky and Thommy Nozaki of Monster Lab, we are passionate about the startup scene in Brazil, and launched Founded in Brazil in December 2014. Nowadays, the initiative is supported by many other international enthusiasts and Founded X community.

Does your startup meet these criteria and do you want to support this initiative?
Submit your Brazilian startup by filling out the .

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