About Founded in Brazil

About Founded in Brazil

In Brazil, not only our nature is vibrant. The startup scene has flourished in recent years, reaching the number of 10,000 companies with this profile. After receiving more than 1 billion dollars investiments only in 2012, last year the Brazilian government created and invested up to $ 78 million in the Start-Up Brazil program for local and foreign technology startups.

Added to this, you can find a booming economy and one of the friendliest people in the world,with a diverse cultural training that formed their adaptative profile and high expertise in various business areas.

Besides the samba, carnival and the beauty of its people, the Brazil also has offered the world some innovations that you did not know were Brazilian: the aeroplane, the radiograph, radio transmissions and the Walkman.

We are proud of our multicultural heritage, that brings to Brazilian people an unique lifestyle and an innovative spirit. The icon of our website represents this concept: created by the architect Oscar Niemeyer, the Brazilian National Congress building was declared as one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of its innovative project and cultural significance.

Inspired by our fellows at Founded in Holland, we create this website as a part of Founded X project, composing a list of truly innovative Brazilian startups. What do all these companies have in common?

  1. They were founded in Brazil in the 21st century
  2. They have the ambition to transform their industry
  3. The founders can teach how to play the best football in the world (Deutschland? Who?) :-)

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